An optical waveguide is a physical structure that guides electromagnetic waves in the optical spectrum. Common types of optical waveguides include optical fiber and rectangular waveguides. Optical waveguides can be classified according to their geometry (planar, strip or fiber waveguides), node structure (single-node, multi-node), refractive index distribution (step or gradient index) and material (glass, polymer, semiconductor).1

Optical waveguides are the key elements of photonic devices that perform guiding, coupling, switching, splitting, multiplexing and demultiplexing of optical signals. Passive waveguides, electro-optic components, transmitters, receivers, and driving electronics can be integrated into one chip using planar technology, similar to microelectronics. Although the operation of waveguide devices is well researched and understood, their particular performance relies on many parameters--geometry, wavelength and initial field distribution, material data, and electro-optic driving conditions. These parameters must be optimized before fabricating a device. With large scale opt-electronic circuits, accurate modeling is predominant because of the numerous resources required to fabricate a chip.2

Applications of waveguides include but are not limited to fiber optic communications, photonic integrated circuits, lasers, amplifiers, and optical interferometers Master Bond offers a wide range of products including low viscosity UV curable solutions some of which can be spin coated. Select silicone formulations are room temperature curable and provide excellent flexibility for stress relief. Some formulations even provide outstanding resistance to accelerated aging environments such as 85°C/85% RH for 1000 hours.

UV curable epoxies such as Master Bond UV15LV1 have been spin coated on silicon wafers, to form claddings. Inverted ridges have then been photolithographically defined on these claddings.


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