Adhesives and encapsulants for encodersMaster Bond provides manufacturing solutions for encoders used in multiple industries. Select Master Bond products play an essential role in the construction of these sensing devices. Since each application is different, many factors need to be studied in detail by design engineers in specifying the most suitable compounds to meet specific service requirements. Some key considerations range from position or speed control for positioning accuracy, resolution, reliability, analog or digital output, interfacing, response characteristics, type of measurement including velocity, force, acceleration, pressure, displacement and longevity. Additionally, environmental concerns such as exposure to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures (even cryogenic space conditions), dust, dirt, grease, water, air pressure, chemicals, electrical noise, are a source of major apprehension. Size, configuration, weight and maintainability also should be evaluated. It is important to note that encoders are often utilized in hazardous locations. Master Bond offers UL1203 certified epoxy for such applications.

Master Bond versatile formulations have proven to be of paramount importance for the assembly of both linear and rotary encoders. The basic types of encoders consist of absolute encoders and incremental encoders that employ mechanical, magnetic, resistive, optical technologies to create a signal in response to motions. "Angular" positions are measured with absolute rotary encoders while determination of distance, speed, position enlist incremental rotary encoders. Optical encoding technology has been established as being extremely popular because of its light weight, excellent angular accuracy, high resolution, ability to perform at high temperatures and superior reliability. Numerous manufacturers use select Master Bond products to securely, precisely attach optical encoder components in place speedily even for exposure to ruggedized conditions. Electronic boards, photodetector construction, housing assembly and other parts are bonded and provide uncompromising repeatability. Industrial encoders are found in testing machines, labeling machines, robotics, CNC machines, electric motors, printers, scanners, observatory telescopes, packaging systems, elevators, railroad car lifting jacks.