Adhesives and encapsulants used in microelectronic assemblyMaster Bond's proficiency in microelectronics has lead the way in delivering formulations that have enabled the fabrication of smaller, thinner, lighter, faster, simple and efficient devices. The increasing popularity of microelectronic technology has been conducive to satisfying the increasing ever-evolving consumer and industrial demand for these products. Cutting edge technology, innovative manufacturing processes have been instrumental in improved reliability, system capability for devices employed for medical diagnostic equipment, automotive/transportation systems, military/space applications, energy, mining, natural resource engineering and communications/networking. Additionally, Master Bond has been at the forefront in helping develop electronics such as digital cameras, wearable devices, sensors, laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, audio equipment, home appliances, printers as a key adhesive, sealant, coating, potting supplier.

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Particularly noteworthy is the significant thermal management challenges of densely packaged PCB's needed for miniaturized designs. Customized thermally conductive Master Bond compositions have been able to combat overheating of critical components while optimizing processing speed by employing highly heat dissipative compositions. Using these materials has greatly extended the operating life of these devices and improved their competitiveness with other product offerings. The proliferation of new microelectronic applications will continue to meet its potential as next generation commercialization opportunities continue to expand. Some exhilarating emerging areas include:

  • Flexible electronics
  • Wearable technology
  • Data storage
  • Wireless charging
  • Green electronics
  • 3D integration
  • Smart antennas
  • IoT (Internet of Things
  • Cloud computing