Adhesives for Pneumatic MachinesMaster Bond's broad line of adhesive/sealant systems have been most effective in enhancing the efficiency, safety, durability, reliability, extending equipment life of industrial pneumatic devices. From positioning, clamping, shifting, conveying, stacking, filling, metering to sorting, stamping, turning, finishing, sawing, milling our compounds have provided manufacturers protection against corrosion, abrasion, mechanical damage, high temperatures, impact, pressure. Economical, easy to use formulations seal variable gaps, avoiding any air leakage, possess high strength properties to minimize equipment failure, maintenance, downtime and reduce capital expenditures. Working closely with pneumatic equipment companies Master Bond has successfully enabled design engineers to develop advanced pneumatic products to satisfy their customer requirements. Market applications range from the food/beverage industry to transportation, entertainment, medical equipment to utility, automation, plastic machinery, machine tools to the packaging industry.

Our solvent free, easy to dispense one and two component systems offer versatile cure schedules. High quality compositions offer toughness and high strength along with resistance to high impact forces. When selecting the most suitable product, careful consideration should be given to the type of adhesive/sealant, its viscosity, air pressure, air system layout, substrates being joined. Additionally Master Bond has made available two component abrasion resistant linings to repair damaged air compressors. They exhibit long term erosion/corrosion protection caused by particle entrapment. These systems have low shrinkage, simple mix ratios, bond well to metallic substrates and provide superior electrical insulation.