Adhesives for Surveying EquipmentSpecial grades of Master Bond adhesives have been developed for surveying equipment and instruments. These products possess unique characteristics and are employed for land, mining, route, hydrographic, aerial, topographic and geodetic surveying. From electronic distance measurement (EDM) instruments to satellite positioning systems to theodolites to automatic levels, laser scanners, our products have made far reaching input in their construction. Utilizing tailor made Master Bond formulations have enabled manufacturers of surveying hardware to progress technologically. This has allowed surveyors to obtain more reliable, precise, accurate measurements more speedily.

Adhesively bonded surveying equipment can increase productivity for manufacturing companies. Our structural adhesive systems have exceptional bond strength between similar/dissimilar substrates such as glass to metal, rubber to plastic. These gap filling materials offer improved load bearing capacity and stress distribution over the entire bonding surface. Durable, tough compositions can withstand thermal cycling, cyclic fatigue, seal against contamination by liquids/gases, are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Particularly noteworthy is that these compounds can be applied manually with special applicators or dispensed automatically. Different Master Bond grades are available in a variety of thicknesses/cure speeds. Surveying hardware joined together with adhesives have proven most effective in measuring horizontal/vertical distances, angles, directions, locations, elevations, areas, volumes. Mining surveyors are essential for the safe, efficient operation of miners. They are also vital in determining drill patterns, excavations, land management and volume calculations.