Adhesives for lidar applicationsSpecial Master Bond adhesive formulations have been in the forefront of constructing different size, shaped, types of X-ray systems. These job proven compounds are highly effective for integral components employed in X-ray equipment such as high voltage power supplies, control units, machined parts, accessories. Our products have contributed to innovative solutions to meet application demands and maximize operational efficiency. They are currently employed for devices used in diagnostic/therapeutic medical radiography and industrial radiography. Adhesively bonded medical X-ray machines are common today for examining artery blockages, blood clots, abdominal pain, cancer, bone fractures, teeth, lungs and other appropriate body parts. Common industrial X-ray systems assembled with Master Bond adhesives are deployed as body scanners for airport security/intermodel freight cargo containers, non-destructive testing of structural welds to avoid delamination, planar cracks on pipes, pipelines, pressure vessels. Another important area of usage is X-ray astronomy. X-ray observations conducted at high altitudes have helped astronomers gain a better understanding of the universe which has led to important new discoveries. Utilization of X-ray astronomy satellites have their own distinct bonding requirements in order to satisfy their longevity requirements and harsh conditions of exposure to outer space.

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Master Bond has been diligently working with leading X-ray equipment companies on enhancing the capabilities of these systems. Technologically advanced high performance structural bonding agents are playing a key role in augmenting these improvements. Among the most significant are upgrading image resolution, decreasing radiation dosage, assembly of smaller, lightweight, portable devices, increasing workflow efficiency, ease of usage, providing fast treatment/diagnosis for patients unable to reach hospitals, expanding patient care options. Additionally, accelerating processing speed for higher quality pictures in shorter time frames, 3D/4D diagnostic technologies, systematic point of care imaging for risk reduction, employing automation to prevent the chance of operator errors are all critical objectives. Major progress in screening airport baggages for distinguishing liquids has also demonstrated much future potential for industrial radiography with the aid of Master Bond products. Overcoming the many obstacles to obtain these goals help to rectify present X-ray shortcomings.