Adhesives for textile manufacturing equipmentHigh performance Master Bond adhesives, sealants, coating compounds have played an indispensable role in the assembly of high tech digital textile manufacturing equipment. Our products have enabled efficient, reliable, safe, precise, efficient production, innovative designs that have contributed to producing aesthetically pleasing fabrics that are engineered for specific requirements for the industrial, automotive, filtration, medical and infrastructural industries. This highly competitive marketplace requires well-made products in high volumes at fast production speeds that exceed customer expectations. Master Bond long lasting, toughened compositions provide the strength, impact, vibration, shock, chemical resistant characteristics which are critical in these applications. They also have the ability of adhering similar/dissimilar substrates for equipment used in various stages of the production processes. Additionally our technical expertise and exceptional knowledge has aided textile engineers in their attempts to solve difficult challenges. In collaboration with manufacturers we have made valuable input in developing equipment for new high value fibers for biomedical, pollution control, environmental applications.