Adhesives for textile manufacturing equipmentHigh performance Master Bond adhesives, sealants, coating compounds have played an indispensable role in the assembly of high tech digital textile manufacturing equipment. Our products have enabled efficient, reliable, safe, precise, efficient production, innovative designs that have contributed to producing aesthetically pleasing fabrics that are engineered for specific requirements for the industrial, automotive, filtration, medical and infrastructural industries. This highly competitive marketplace requires well-made products in high volumes at fast production speeds that exceed customer expectations. Master Bond long lasting, toughened compositions provide the strength, impact, vibration, shock, chemical resistant characteristics which are critical in these applications. They also have the ability of adhering similar/dissimilar substrates for equipment used in various stages of the production processes. Additionally our technical expertise and exceptional knowledge has aided textile engineers in their attempts to solve difficult challenges. In collaboration with manufacturers we have made valuable input in developing equipment for new high value fibers for biomedical, pollution control, environmental applications.

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This rapidly evolving industry requires special proprietary formulations for machinery involved in processing fibers into yarns, fabrics, apparels. This includes natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and artificial fibers ranging from nylon, polyester, polypropylene. Variable, complex devices are employed for conventional and technical products. Select Master Bond epoxy, silicone, UV/visible light cure compounds have proven effective in meeting demanding standards for thread winding machines, fabric cutters, bleaching/drying equipment , extruders, conveyors. They also have been crucial in the construction of knitting machines, weaving machines, tufting machines, cloth measuring machines and lace making machines. Most noteworthy are systems that possess protection from corrosion, creep, and prolonged heat. Formidable compositions guard against attack from detergents, surfactants, solvents, enzymes, acids, bases, salts. Fast room temperature/low temperature curing systems are employed for adhering heat sensitive substrates.

Easy to use multi-task affordable fluid dispensers can precisely apply these materials on irregular shaped surfaces, streamline labor-intensive processes, escalating bonding consistency, quality, accuracy. Low viscosity products have excellent wetting properties and improve the structural integrity of close fitting substrates. Other compounds are distinguished for filling large gaps. Adhesive mated surfaces feature even stress distribution over the entire bonded area and allow greater load bearing capacity in comparison to mechanical fastening. They also require no drilling of holes, reduce material usage, bond well to porous surfaces and decrease assembly weight. Additionally Master Bond compositions have gained wide recognition by manufacturers for gasketing, potting, conformal coating and surface lamination applications.