Adhesives for Data Acquisition EquipmentMaster Bond adhesive, sealant, coating compounds have been instrumental in the development of PC-based data acquisition equipment. Our technical expertise and know how have enabled automotive, energy, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical, defense contractors to obtain, measure, record, store, display, precise data, error-free. This has enabled manufacturers to improve performance, quality control, safety, design unique products, make important adjustments, customize solutions tailor made to meet specific requirements. Through the use of our products in the assembly of these devices, vital measurements of strain, acceleration, vibration, sound, humdity, current, voltage, gas pressure, flow, temperatures, light intensity have delivered the highest efficiency and consistent long term operation of high tech systems. These distinctly sophisticated data acquisition devices have proven successful in many challenging applications. Additionally, instantaneous feedback of data has been conducive to making any required adjustments.

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The three basic components of data acquisition systems consist of analog to digital converters, signal converting circuitry, sensors. Appropriate data acquisition software composed of general purpose program languages or even open source software packages provide flexible, adaptable results with a variety of hardware equipment. Sensitivity and system interconnections of data acquisition are essential for optimum performance. Employing the most advanced technology, engineers rely on Master Bond for delivering easy to use formulations, capable of functioning under widely different parameters. Since some of the exposure can be in hostile or hazardous environments, careful consideration should be given to the grade of adhesive or potting material used to maximize hardware stability and protection. Also portable systems have their own set of standards in comparison to stationary devices.