Digital Signage at AirportTechnologically advanced adhesives, sealants coatings, potting/encapsulation formulations from Master Bond help deliver a remarkable viewer experience for this dynamic fast growing industry. Our reliable, dependable compounds have enabled digital signage manufacturers versatile, durable, flexible solutions to relay pertinent information, displays to target audiences. Our eco-friendly specialty products are employed primarily on screens, connectivity hardware, sensors in multiple locations and resist harsh weather conditions, image sticking, dust, altitude. They consist of epoxy, silicone, urethane, modified epoxy hybrids and UV/visible light curing systems. Select grades offer exceptional thermal dissipation characteristics, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high optical clarity, outstanding electrical insulation properties and withstand high/low temperature exposure. Rigorous end user performance testing for indoor and outdoor usage has demonstrated superior luminance uniformity, premium anti-glare polarization, elevated brightness in a range of lighting conditions. Black mura prevention technology has provided extended longevity.

Digital displays incorporating Master Bond polymeric systems often enhance their effectiveness by sharing content at different locations simultaneously. This has proven highly effective for advertising, educating, merchandising, entertainment, disseminating information such as news, weather, traffic, restaurant menus, web pages, text, videos. From hotels, zoos, parks, stadiums, to museums, retail stores, public spaces, transportation systems, digital signage, stands out, catches people's attention. Available in different sizes, styles, digital signage utilizes LCD, LED, projection, e-paper display technologies. Selecting the right adhesives in these applications will not only improve the potency of the end product but will also increase processing speed for manufacturers which will boost profitability. Digital signage has shown much success for businesses in marketing new goods, brand awareness, expanding sales with calls to action, communicating with staff, motivation, promoting upcoming events. As analytical systems in the future convey additional insights on customers, digital signage can be appropriately adjusted to upgrade and augment engagement. Using facial recognition and touch technology will facilitate the interactive experience. Master Bond is working diligently to offer innovative compounds for up and coming signage trends and feature systems that will surpass customer expectations.