Adhesives for DNA Sequencer InstrumentsMaster Bond high performance structural/semi-structural adhesive systems have proven essential to the fabrication of complex, sophisticated, automated DNA sequencers. These bonding agents consisting of epoxies, silicones, urethane modified epoxies, cyanoacrylates and UV/visible light curing formulations have been effective in providing design flexibility, precision, accuracy, consistent repeatable performance, long term serviceability. Collaboration between our technical specialists and leading DNA sequencer scientific instruments engineers have facilitated the development of advanced technology, accelerated through-put speed, improved usability, quality, safety, computational analysis of data, increased efficiency while reducing space requirements, lowering maintenance expenses, diminishing downtime. Adoption of Master Bond products for research laboratories and academic institutions in pioneering biotech experimentation has been most beneficial to humanity.

This dramatic progress in DNA sequencing has been a rigorous task. Some day it may be possible for every person to obtain their own personal genome information. Many major discoveries have been achieved with DNA sequencing instruments. In the life sciences, individualized patient care has been elevated through this cutting edge technology. By determining the order of nucleotides in a DNA molecule medical researchers can utilize this information identify the relationship between health conditions/diseases and changes in genes. DNA sequencing is vitally important in multiple applications ranging from forensic identification, paternity testing, determining a specific bacteria for antibiotic treatment, studying viruses, ecology, anthropology, assessing the risk of susceptibility to a genetic disease, understanding how genes interact, identification of substances/species, plant/animal breeding. Most significantly, DNA sequencing has high future potential in unraveling and improving treatments of complex diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, blindness, seizures, cancers.

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