Adhesives and encapsulants for electronic housingsMaster Bond offers a variety of adhesive systems for bonding electronic enclosures and housings. High quality, durable, toughened compositions are available for different designs and configurations. These adhesives can be utilized not only for indoor applications, but also for withstanding outdoor conditions.

Application specific formulations are engineered to produce excellent adhesion to plastic materials such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyamide, PMMA, PEEK, SEBS and many others. Housings / enclosures bonded with Master Bond products can be used in industrial controls, portable laboratory instruments, sensor systems, keyboards, security devices, network equipment, medical apparatus, RFID scanners, leak detectors, battery devices etc. Many Master Bond adhesives can resist rain, sleet, snow, ice, airborne particles, extreme temperatures, and various chemicals. Some examples are:

Product Name Type/Chemistry Key Properties
EP21TDCHT Two component, room temperature curing epoxy Long pot life: 90-120 minutes for 100 grams
Ideal for bonding similar and dissimilar substrates
Superior toughness, and withstands aggressive thermal cycling
Supreme 11AOHT Two component, room temperature curing epoxy Convenient mix ratio (1:1)
Electrical insulation and thermal conductivity
Structural epoxy with high shear strength
EP21TDCF-3NV Two component, room temperature curing epoxy Paste consistency
Fast set-up time at room temperature
Toughened cure with high peel strength