Epoxy compounds for electronic security devicesFrom access controls to fire protection equipment to burglar alarms to CCTV surveillance systems Master Bond polymeric compounds provide job proven tailor made solutions for the security industry. Products offer strong adhesion, durability, good flow ability and withstand harsh environments for indoor/outdoor usage. Innovative systems have been developed to meet growing market demand for value added devices that detect, deter, monitor, report, analyze perceived risks/crime for safety/health concerns. Interconnected electronic security devices can be accessed by mobile devices and incorporate the most technologically advanced bonding formulations to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Carbon monoxide/smoke detectors, imaging devices vehicle security products, theft prevention signaling devices, identification systems such as fingerprint/retinal scanning devices and motion sensors feature select grades of Master Bond adhesives. These conductive/non-conductive adhesives, underfills, encapsulants, hard coats, die attach materials are designed to optimize functionality. They also can be precisely dispensed void free for high volume production. Design engineers have specified these materials because of their low moisture absorption, shock/vibration resistance, high/low temperature stability, short cycle times and low shrinkage. Flexible compounds adhere well to dissimilar substrates and accommodate stress during thermal cycling. Our eco-friendly, solvent free compositions have enabled electronic security device manufacturers to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness accessibility and gain a competitive advantage in the home, commercial, industrial, government office, lodging markets.