Adhesive systems for motion control devicesDesign and development engineers specify select Master Bond adhesive systems for reliable bonding solutions for both open loop and closed loop motion control systems. As demand for motion control increases, the use of our compounds has grown appreciably for numerous applications that has enabled end users to improve safety, part quality, throughput speeds and efficiency. Job proven formulations have performed successfully in machine tool, automotive, semiconductor, printing, security, instrumentation and communication industries. Specific grades are engineered for rugged, hazardous environments, withstand exposure to high temperatures, chemical attack, vibration, impact moisture, wear. Automation processing employing robots, conveyors, material handling systems has been greatly enhanced to help ensure high precision, repeatibility, longevity, superior load capacity for moving machine parts/components in advanced operations.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, electromechanical actuation technology is frequently of prime importance for coordinated control of moving machine parts in a controlled manner. Motions such as linear, oscillating, rotary at different speeds, force, pressure, alignments are of utmost value for effective quality control for micro components to larger parts assembly requirements and to ensure stability over time. Most significant, selecting the proper bonding agent to accommodate the multiple concerns in achieving the most potent adhesion is not an easy task. This includes mating similar/dissimilar surfaces in controllers, motors, positioning equipment, sensors, transducers, power transmission devices, mechanical components such as bearings, gears, couplings. Master Bond's team of experienced technical experts will provide assistance to find the most desirable product to satisfy your processing and performance specifications.