Adhesives and encapsulants used in microelectronic assemblyDesigned to withstand harsh environments this industrial digital computer can be employed for automating a process or machines. Utilizing Master Bond adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting/encapsulation compounds has enabled these programmable controllers to provide accurate, reliable performance even when exposed to dust, cold/high temperatures, moisture, electric noises, vibration, impact. PLC hardware components consist of a central processing unit (CPU), input devices such as sensors, switches, keyboards, output devices including motors, solenoid valves, a power supply and an external programming device. These ruggedized systems are user programmable and most important, output results can process input conditions within a narrow time frame. They have proven essential on factory assembly lines, controlling elevators, traffic signals, amusement rides, washing machines.

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Programmable logic controllers are compact, save energy, easy to set up and maintain. They are able to perform at high speed counting, comparing, record run time data, register other mathematical operations, start/stop actions, diagnostics. PLC systems are modular and are devised to match different input/output devices. Master Bond electronic grade formulations have made valuable contributions in technological improvements while supporting a broad range of system requirements. Programmable logic controller manufacturers are working diligently with Master Bond to take advantage of our technical expertise to tackle challenging tasks that will improve future effectiveness and fulfill customer objectives. Advanced features such as memory expansion, processing power improvements, new communication characteristics, smaller, faster PLCs show much potential to meet end user needs and improve performance.