Adhesives for Safety Device ManufacturingMaster Bond manufactures adhesives, sealants, potting, encapsulation compounds for home and industrial safety devices. These high quality formulations help guard/protect people and property against an extensive range of hazards that can be prevented. Select Master Bond products have made important contributions in safeguarding/defending families/workers against bodily harm, injuries, accidents, disasters, catastrophes and mitigating the effects of emergency situations. Our unique technical expertise in solving challenging problems has aided many leading safety equipment manufacturers in the development of technological innovations with has propelled significant market growth and improved profitability. These user friendly compositions are designed to enhance productivity while meeting stringent regulatory requirements that optimize safety.

Specialty formulations make use of second generation fillers to not only provide flame retardancy but also have minimal smoke generation under rigorous environments. Some products have been tested for UL94V-0 requirements as well.

Many prominent home safety equipment corporations assemble vital components with our liquid/paste polymeric systems. They cure upon exposure to moderate temperatures, UV light or at room temperatures. Most significantly they have been successfully employed for use on:

  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • outdoor motion sensor lights
  • fire extinguishers
  • qualified tested appliances
  • burglar alarms
  • home security cameras
  • surge protectors
  • ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)

Workers and operators in industrial facilities are subjected to potential harm from loud noise, spills, moving parts, flammable materials, working in hot/cold temperatures, extreme vibration, poor lighting conditions, awkward repetitive movements, equipment malfunction, confined spaces, overexertion and fatigue. Over time this can be detrimental to employee hearing, vision, head/leg protection, agility, mental health. Improper selection of proper personal protective equipment and devices has been responsible for wounds, burns, cuts, electric shocks, skin disease, respiratory disorders, from dangerous conditions. From process control to safety shutdowns to fire/gas systems to emergency shutdowns, Master Bond has been at the forefront of supplying dependable, long lasting compositions as a leading supplier of job proven products to help eliminate workplace risks.

Utilization of these high performing adhesive, sealant, potting, encapsulation compounds has in many cases have offered a level of protection greater than the minimum required even in the most hostile environments. They have played a noteworthy role in the assembly of disconnect switches, IoT devices, audible and visible alarms, two hand controls, safety light curtains, mobile tools, optoelectronic sensors, tower lights, positioning monitoring systems, foot controls, heat detectors etc. Applying our products for manufacturing these vital safety devices has been most beneficial in warning operators of potential hazards, reduced downtime/liability/risks from machine wear, saved costs from regulatory fines, boosted efficiency, quality, decreased absenteeism, upgraded morale. Master Bond is busy developing new products to enhance the capabilities of these safety devices through collaboration with EHS personnel to save lives/enhance worker well being.