Surgeons Wearing Virtual Reality GlassesMaster Bond is at the forefront in supplying unique adhesive, sealant, coating compounds for key components such as head mounted displays, input devices used in virtual reality systems. This rapidly emerging field is continually evolving to meet high expectations and produce richer content. The ability to be totally immersed and engaged in a synthetic world or a real world presence, simulating three dimensional images, touch, hearing is simply breathtaking and has been advantageously employed in multiple disciplines. This ranges from healthcare/clinical therapies, to military training to architecture to video games to art. Additionally virtual reality has played a pivotal role for original equipment manufacturing companies in engineering automotive, aerospace and transportation products.

Master Bond products have been incorporated in non-immersive, semi-immersive and immersive virtual reality simulations. Select formulations have been integral for adhering, protecting, sealing a wide assortment of parts/units. Fully immersive simulations have the most demanding requirements. Technologically advanced Master Bond job proven adhesive systems have contributed to successfully convincing the human brain through head-mounted displays and tracking devices that through this hardware that they are in a virtual environment. With appropriate computer power this progressive hardware with a suitable high speed communication network will yield a high level of contrast, expediated refresh rate and expanded field of view. Input devices consisting of controller wands, motion trackers, data gloves, joysticks, tracking balls are also valuable in immersion and provide a natural method for navigation.

Mobile, stationary virtual reality systems rely on Master Bond for assembling head mounted displays that contain high resolution OLED, LCD, monitors, CRT cathode tubes, lenses, circuit boards, small light weight computer processors (input, simulation, rending). Sensors such as magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes are essential for the calculation of motions and directions. Through the use of headphones virtual reality audio enhances the virtual reality experience.