Industrial Imaging AdhesivesThe rapid growth in demand for analytical instruments such as pH meters/sensors, refractometers, mass spectrometer, thermal analyzers, density meters, titrators, has played a key role in improving operating efficiency and quality control in identifying the chemical composition of sample components. Dramatic progress has been made in improving the precision of this instrumentation, generating information at faster speeds to help process, store, display, transfer the concentration, distribution, structure, character encompassing the chemical material being analysed. Our epoxy, silicone, epoxy polyurethane hybrids, cyanoacryloate, UV curable formulations have played an essential role in assembling this instrumentation to ensure consistent, reproducible, reliable results. Employment of these liquid, paste and film compositions have led to significant advances in miniaturization of these devices and enabled their usage where smaller size and weight is advantageous. Most notable in these complex analytical instruments has been the use of special high thermal conductive epoxy systems that possess superior electrical insulation characteristics and unmatched heat transfer capabilities for compact electronic packaging. These products adhere well to similar/dissimilar substrates, cure effectively in very thin sections and many have been successfully tested for 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% RH.

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From oil/gas refineries, research laboratories, petrochemical facilities, food/beverage plants to the pharmaceutical industry to space research these analytical instruments have been of crucial importance. As processing/automation continues to evolve and standards/regulations for advanced products become more stringent improvements in technology for analytical instrumentation is essential. Master Bond provides technical support and collaborates with design engineers to deliver solutions to accommodate a wide assortment of needs.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products has proven its cost effectiveness and performance in hostile environments such as high temperature/pressure exposures. Eco-friendly ROHS compositions have been beneficial in mating different sized/shaped substrates, extending product life cycles, reducing noise/vibration, protecting against corrosion, furnishing fatigue resistance and improving aesthetics. Rapid polymerization of select grades has accelerated productivity resulting in elevating profitability. Cutting edge polymeric systems have been employed analytic instruments to upgrade safety, avoid hazardous conditions even when placed in remote locations.