Adhesive, sealant and coating compounds for biometric devicesMaster Bond adhesives, sealants, coatings play an integral role in the assembly of these technologically advanced security identification and authentication devices. Our products have made valuable contributions in ensuring high quality, superior reliability, exceptional durability, speeding productivity, lowering costs and shortening development cycles. Most notable are the materials compatibility of these systems, resistance to scratches, impact, vibration, cracking, color change, wear over time, low outgassing characteristics, outstanding adhesive strength and protection against electrostatic discharge. These compositions provide a barrier against the damaging effects of humidity, water ingress, fluids, corrosive elements and airborne contaminants such as dust. Specific grades also provide heat dissipation, can be dispensed precisely in thin bond lines, have low shrinkage and perform well during temperature fluctuations.

Master Bond electrically conductive adhesives, underfills, encapsulants, hard coatings, die attach materials have a proven track record in both physiological and behavioral biometric devices. Physiological biometrics measurements consist of fingerprints, facial recognition, hand shape, vein pattern, DNA matching, retina scan, ear authentication, iris patterns/colors, odor/scent. Behavioral biometric comprise voice, keystroke, signature recognition. Utilization of our compounds in these devices has enabled their use in meeting many challenging requirements. These include applications for:

  • law enforcement
  • healthcare
  • border, travel, migration control
  • financial services
  • education
  • retail
  • mobile commerce
  • hospitality
  • automotive
  • military
  • security

Biometrics is advantageous because it improves operational efficiency, is easy to use, convenient nontransferable, and cannot be forgotten, forged or exchanged. Unlike passwords, which are often stolen/hacked biometrics prevents illegal access to cell phones, ATMs, desktops, PCs, computer networks. They work swiftly and are consistent. Most of all, the authenticating of end users by identifying their unique characteristics is unrivaled. Master Bond works in close collaboration with market leading companies in multimodal biometric devices to maximize accuracy and security by deploying more than a single scan to minimize any possibility of a false acceptance rate or a false rejection rate. These have been used in the healthcare and financial industries.