Epoxy compounds for cable harness assembliesMaster Bond epoxy, silicone compounds bond, protect, seal, insulate cable harness assemblies against moisture, chemicals such as oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids. High quality formulations are employed for potting/encapsulation in automotive, energy, military, marine, medical applications. These products ensure reliable performance for power, control, video, navigation, digital data transfer systems. Select grades guard against abrasion, high voltage, cryogenic/elevated temperatures, vibration, impact, shock. Tough/durable ruggedized compositions meet demanding requirements in harsh environments including extreme pressures.

Our cost effective watertight systems provide a barrier against corrosion, fungus, dirt and prevent short circuits/maximize reliability from under the hood to outer space to buried cables to defense related conditions. Special silicones offer unmatched thermal stability up to 200°C, won't crack under rigorous thermal cycling and create low stress. UL94V-0 and UL94V-1 flame retardant rated self extinguishing potting/encapsulants and NASA low outgassing certified systems are engineered to pass stringent tests. Additionally thermal conductive compounds feature superior heat dissipation characteristics. Innovative state of the art materials bond well to difficult to bond substrates and offer solutions to challenging problems.

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Low viscosity epoxy, silicones pour easily and can be conveniently, efficiently dispensed manually, semi-automatically or automatically. They are designed to cure at room/low temperatures. Rapid setting compositions accelerate high volume production operations. Structural integrity and electrical insulation properties are maintained even after prolonged aging under high humidity. Formulations are solvent free and ROHS compliant.