Modern dishwashers have steadily evolved into a household staple, with an increasing number of households taking advantage of this efficient and time-saving tool. Master Bond epoxies have long endured as the adhesive of choice amongst industry leaders in search of effective and durable dishwasher manufacturing solutions. These outstanding systems provide high strength bonds along with temperature, heat and impact resistance. In addition, formulations are available offering resistance to potentially hostile detergents.

Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for dishwasher assembly applications include thermal stability, shock and vibration resistance, high strength bonds, superior water and chemical resistance, seam sealing, toughness, weight saving, improved aesthetics and bond gap control.


Master Bond Product SearchMaster Bond adhesive systems can be manufactured specifically for cryogenic serviceability which can enhance the capability and efficiency of freezer unit assemblies. Manufacturers employing Master Bond adhesives, sealants and coatings systems benefit from years of dedicated research and development aimed at designing the very best possible adhesive solutions for reliability and durability.

Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for freezer assembly applications include:

  • Cryogenic serviceability
  • Insulating properties to maintain internal temperature
  • Tight seals minimize cold air loss, reducing compressor usage
  • Durable bonds
  • Gap filling properties
  • High peel strength
  • Excellent thermal efficiency


Master Bond's polymer systems are specially formulated for oven manufacturing applications.

The high heat generated in an oven's interior can significantly impact the integrity of its components, raising the need for time consuming repair services. To protect against this, Master Bond has devoted much research to the development of an innovative line of heat resistant adhesives, sealants, potting/encapsulation compounds and conformal coatings. Special grades are available that offer enhanced dimensional stability, superb bond strength, ultra high compressive strength and high glass transition temperatures. As oven design continues to advance, Master Bond is taking new steps to meet the demands for high performance adhesive systems while maximizing productivity of manufacturing processes. Master Bond adhesives are successfully employed in industrial, scientific and consumer ovens.
Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for oven applications include:

  • Heat resistance up to 600°F
  • Exceptional chemical and moisture resistance
  • Gap filling properties
  • Superior bond strength
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical insulation properties
  • Impact and vibration resistance
  • High bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates


From industrial to consumer refrigeration units, our high performance adhesives, sealants and coatings are widely used across the industry. Master Bond epoxies and silicones feature high bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates over a broad range of service temperatures. These systems operate in extreme cryogenic temperatures as well as in high heat. They also offer resistance to vibration, impact and shock. Our electrically insulative products are particularly effective for bonding and sealing the high tech components of modern refrigeration systems. Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for refrigerator applications include:

  • High bond strength to a wide variety of substrates
  • Cryogenic serviceability
  • Tight seals minimize cold air loss, reducing compressor usage
  • Excellent electrical properties

Usages range from compressor assembly to interior drawing bonding to interior door gasketing to seam sealing for interior linings.

Washing Machines

Recent innovations in washing machine design allow for gentle yet effective cleansing methods aimed at minimizing friction on clothes and consequential fabric wear. The rigorous environment which a washing machine’s spin and rinse cycles impose on its parts mandates the need for and implementation of advanced manufacturing methods. For years Master Bond has been the choice adhesive for washing machine production with our high performance products ensuring the ultimate in washing performance. Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for washing machine assembly applications include:

  • Water resistance
  • Vibration resistance
  • Tough, strong bonds
  • Durable bonds maintain integrity of critical motor implements
  • Thermal stability
  • High bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates

Some additional benefits derived from our epoxy adhesives are the ability to minimize audible noises, seals against leakage, improving attractiveness, enhancing reliability and quality and lowering costs and labor expenses.


Adhesives for the manufacturing of dryersDryer manufacturing has advanced considerably with manufacturers constantly developing new methods of production in order to extend appliance performance and longevity. Recent innovations in epoxy design has lead to enhanced resistance to the potentially damaging heat and high vibration environment of dryers, providing manufacturers with dependable adhesive solutions ensuring high quality manufacturing. Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for dryer assembly applications include:

  • Exceptional moisture resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • Heat dissipation properties
  • High reliability
  • Easy and convenient application

Adhesives play a key role in door assembly, control panel bonding, attaching console brackets and satisfying absorption requirements.

Power Tools

Master Bond Product SearchFrom cordless drills to reciprocating saws, Master Bond sets the standard for innovation and design in power tool manufacturing. Master Bond offers a comprehensive line of quality adhesive solutions designed for the highly demanding environment typical of power tool applications. Particularly noteworthy are the outstanding vibration resistance and electrical insulation properties of special formulations which allow for reliable and long term power tool utilization.

Specific grades of Master Bond epoxies for home appliance applications provide electrical insulation, vibration and impact resistance, heat resistance, process cost saving, lower noises. They also withstand thermal cycling, improve cycle times, possess superior durability and toughness, prevent loosening, strengthen assembly, enhance performance and provide weight saving.

Master Bond adhesives are currently employed in power tool applications such as electric drills and saws, sanders, grinders, routers, nailers, planers, and rotary tools.

Climate Control Units

Adhesives for Climate Control Unit ApplicationsMaster Bond adhesives for HVAC equipment satisfy the long standing need for high quality manufacturing solutions in demanding application environments. Our systems are available in varying chemistries and formulations, ensuring optimal adhesion compatibility between the substrate and its relative environment. Certain formulations offer flexibility and superior electrical properties, which are highly desirable when assembling the components of advanced heating and air conditioning units. Choose Master Bond today and join the ranks of professionals utilizing industry leading manufacturing solutions. Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for climate control units include:

  • High bond strength helps to avoid wasteful repair services
  • Highly flexible compositions with enhanced electrical properties
  • Resistance to a wide range of temperatures
  • Reduced costs of using welds, rivets, screws
  • Exceptional peel strength
  • Can be applied automatically
  • Fast fixturing with UV cure systems
  • Protection against leaks and corrosion
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly products

Types of Compounds Available for Appliance Assembly and Manufacturing

  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Conformal Coatings
  • Potting/Encapsulation Compounds
  • Wire tacking
  • Form in place gaskets

Master Bond systems are available as:

  • One and two component epoxies
  • One and two component silicones
  • Polyurethanes
  • UV/visible light cure systems