Adhesives for Cryogenic ProcessorsStandard and customized cryogenic processors are designed for ultra-low cold treatment of multiple materials such as metals, composites, numerous plastics, polymers to optimize performance. The most commonly treated parts consist of steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys, nickel, titanium, cast irons and brass. Our specialty formulated cryogenic adhesives have been successfully employed on different types, sizes of cryogenic equipment at numerous temperature ranges. Master Bond products have helped cryogenic processors ensure consistent output, reliability, efficiency while lowering costs. They are compounded to meet precise specifications, decrease downtime, and exhibit superior bond strength without degradation in demanding environments. Some of the most important benefits of cryogenic treatment is as follows:

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  • reduction of residual stress
  • increased hardness
  • wear resistance
  • ductility
  • heat transmissivity
  • cycle fatigue enhancement
  • improved electrical properties
  • toughness
  • durability
  • lengthen product life
  • stabilization of part dimensions
  • easy machinability
  • decreased coefficient of friction