Adhesives for Cryogenic Treatment EquipmentMaster Bond cryogenically serviceable adhesives, sealants, coatings play an integral role in the design, engineering, fabrication of cryogenic processing equipment. A wide range of formulations have been employed in adhering components for different sizes, models, for leading equipment manufacturing companies to help meet challenging technological needs. Slowing cooling from ambient to cryogenic temperatures has exhibited dramatic improvements for metals such as steel, cast iron, copper alloys, aluminum, magnesium, tungsten, carbide, plastics, composites, ceramics.

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Key benefits include:

  • abrasion and wear resistance
  • increased toughness and durability
  • decreased failure from cracking
  • longer lasting parts
  • better performance under extreme conditions
  • enhanced stress release
  • elevating thermal properties
  • improving flatness
  • boosting impact properties
  • combating corrosion
  • upgrading cyclic fatigue
  • easy machinability

Cryogenic treatment is not a coating or a surface preparation procedure. It will transform austenite in heat treated steel to harder martensite steel, changing its micro-structure. This results in a stable, more durable material with increased strength.

The following is a list of some significant applications and industries that have found cryogenic processing beneficial in their products.

  • Aerospace/Defense--Weapon platforms, optical housings, guidance systems
  • Automotive--Transmissions, brake rotors, crank shafts, bearings, value trains
  • Cutting Tools--Drill bits, cutters, blades
  • Electronic and Audio Equipment--Circuit boards, magnets, cables, connectors, amplifiers
  • Energy--Wires
  • Forming Tools--Progressive dies, stamping dies
  • Home Improvement--Knives, saws, lawn mower blades
  • Mechanical Industry--Pumps, motors, washers
  • Medical--Surgical tools
  • Motorsports--Gears
  • Musical Instruments--Brass instruments, cables, connectors, amplifiers
  • Sports--Golf clubs, bicycles, mountain climbing gear