Adhesives for CubeSatsMaster Bond has been a preferred supplier of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and potting/encapsulation compounds used in the construction of CubeSats. Educational institutions, governmental agencies, and commercial organizations have been able to obtain valuable scientific information from various missions employing CubeSats. Data obtained from these miniaturized satellites has been responsible for many new innovative technological advances in astronomy, astrophysics, and earth science.

Our resilient, reliable products have increased the capability of miniaturized components and subsystems to address many different objectives experienced in an arduous space environment. This includes NASA low outgassing approved compounds, cryogenically serviceable systems, vibration, impact, shock resistant epoxies and formulations designed for cryogenic shock. High strength structural bonding agents provide superior adhesion between aluminum alloys, composites, ceramics, and various plastics. Select Master Bond compositions are available that exhibit flawless electrical, optical, and chemical resistance properties. Special heat dissipative formulations are engineered for vital thermal management requirements. Additionally, Master Bond low coefficient of thermal expansion systems have been ideal for specific applications.

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Small, low weight CubeSats are often launched as a secondary payload on a large traditional rocket. They can also be sent into the proper orbital altitude after being hauled to the International Space Station. They exhibit accurate image resolution, superior remote sensing measurements, and provide telecommunication services. Many pivotal observations from space have been achieved during these small satellite missions.

Different Master Bond grades have been developed and manufactured to deliver stringent quality control standards for such applications. Specific Master Bond grades are capable of being used on CubeSats to secure fasteners, encapsulation of electronic components/PCBs, for strain relief of electric wires, solar cell assembly, adhering camera lenses, antennas, optical sensors, and minimizing the size of instruments such as spectrometers, magnetometers, radiometers. These systems consist of electrically insulative, thermally conductive, electrically conductive room temperature and heat curable compositions. Single part UV visible light curable low outgassing products feature solidification in seconds, highly precise positioning of components, optical clarity and suitability in joining miniature parts. Dual heat/UV cure systems have proven beneficial for mating substrates with unusual geometries and curing the adhesive in “shadowed out” areas with heat at low temperatures after UV fixturing.