Adhesives, sealants and potting compounds for detectorsMaster Bond systems have played an important role in the assembly of metal, leak, motion, gas, gamma-ray detectors and geiger counters. Our products possess high mechanical strength properties, can be precisely dispensed in complex configurations between similar/dissimilar substrates and are solvent free. They have superior aging characteristics. Select grades have demonstrated superior capability in multiple specialized detector applications such as usage in inner silicon detectors, infrastructure crack detectors, space based gravitational wave detectors. These compositions exhibit unique characteristics such as NASA low outgassing properties, cryogenic serviceability, outstanding dimensional stability, FDA food certification, exceptional thermal conductivity, high flexibility/elongation. These compounds have been successful in obtaining the exact specifications tailor made to assure definitive measurements.

Advanced Master Bond adhesives, sealants, potting compounds have been developed to satisfy the strict performance and processing requirements of detector manufacturing companies. Formulations have been designed for bonding, sealing, potting of heat, smoke, flame, carbon monoxide detectors in high volume production applications. Through the use of proper installation, testing, maintenance these systems have proven their effectiveness in mitigating the harmful risk of fire, smoke.