Optically clear adhesives for doublet bonding applicationsMaster Bond’s custom-formulated products can be found in all types of specialty applications in the industrial, commercial, medical, aerospace and electro-optical fields. We manufacture epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes and UV-curable compounds that are available for use in small to large quantities and can be specially formulated to meet your specific application needs. In doublet bonding applications, high performance and high strength optical adhesives are required. Master Bond’s optical adhesives offer innovative solutions to enhance performance properties and processing requirements.

Key benefits of using Master Bond adhesives in doublet bonding applications:

  • Superior optical transmission
  • Optically clear
  • High strength properties
  • Fast cures
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  • Low outgassing capability
  • Gap-filling ability
  • Low viscosity
  • Wide temperature range
  • Low stress and minimal shrinkage upon cure
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock, vibration and impact
  • Non-yellowing properties