Adhesive systems specially formulated for electronic testing equipmentMaster Bond offers cost effective industrial adhesive solutions for manufacturers of advanced electronic test systems. Our products feature high strength bonds, thermal stability, moisture resistance and superior dimensional stability. Special grades offer thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and electrical insulation properties. Both one and two component systems are available for use.

Master Bond epoxies, silicones, polurethanes, polysulfides and UV cure systems are employed in various types of electronic test system applications such as analyzers, signal generating devices, meters and probes. They also include:

  • Oscilliscopes
  • Logic analyzers
  • Protocol analyzers
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Frequency counters
  • Digital multimeters
  • LCR meters

Electronic testing equipment is of significant importance in multiple industries. They ensure electronic devices operate properly according to specifications, minimize safety risks/injuries, and have the ability to recognize degradation, damage, faults before component failure occurs. Utilization of Master Bond compounds for electronic testing equipment can contribute to improved accuracy, efficiency and overall effectiveness. Repeatable, constant, reliable testing results are instrumental in producing high quality, long lasting defect free products, enhancing sales volumes. Our versatile products also allow design flexibility and encourage innovations.