Industrial adhesives for the assembly of medical endoscopesMaster Bond is a leading formulator of one and two component epoxies, silicones, UV cure systems used for the assembly and repair of endoscopes. These bonding and sealing compounds offer high bond strength between similar/dissimilar substrates, thermal stability, gap filling capability, outstanding chemical/sterilization resistance. They are designed to withstand multiple cycles of autoclaving and chemical sterilants. Most noteworthy is the Master Bond EP42HT-2Med family of products which is widely employed for endoscope applications because of its extraordinary ability to resist abundant autoclave cycles.

These USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 certified biocompatible products are successfully used in different types of reusable endoscopes for procedures ranging from gastroscopy, laryngoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, cystoscopy to bronchoscopy. Our systems have made a major contribution in allowing doctors to screen, diagnose, treat patients cost effectively, efficiently, reliably. Through the utilization of unique compositions flexible/rigid tubes can be inserted inside a body organ/cavity and be clearly viewed through an attached camera. This has enabled these slender instruments to examine the colon, large intenstines, esophagus, stomach, liver, bladder and trachea.

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Our products are environmentally friendly and do not contain any solvents or diluents. Fast curing no mix UV curing compounds have been developed to expedite productivity. Systems exhibiting flexibility have enhanced performance with desirable elongation properties. This is often a key consideration when selecting the right adhesive for endoscope assembly. Master Bond is continuously developing new systems to satisfy the requirements of the endoscopic industry. Master Bond EP62-1Med is a noteworthy breakthrough because of its glass transition temperature, its ability to guard against repeated autoclaving, chemical sterilants, radiation, long working life at room temperature and superior dimensional stability. Additionally, EP62-1Med also passes both ISO 10993-5 for cytotoxicity and USP Class VI approval. This product is engineered to cure quickly at moderate temperatures.