Threadlocking application Master Bond epoxy adhesive systems have proven advantageous for unique threadlocking applications. They have been frequently used in severe environments and are noted for their impressive strength, chemical resistance and thermal stability. In comparison to other conventional threadlocking adhesives such as anaerobic compounds Master Bond epoxy systems will cure in the presence of oxygen, are not recommended for reassembly since they are engineered to be non-removable with hand tools. These products are also capable of resisting fastener failure caused by lateral sliding motion and from differences in expansion/contraction of dissimilar bolt/substrate materials. Toughened compositions exhibit superior resilience enabling them to withstand extreme vibration, impact, shock. Select grades have extraordinary shear, tensile, rotational strength properties and will polymerize at diverse cure speeds after proper mixing of the epoxy resin with the appropriate hardener. Select compounds are also biocompatible and known to withstand repeated autoclaving environments. Curing can be accelerated with heat. Dispensing of these products can be done manually, semi-automatically, automatically.

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Master Bond epoxies employed for threadlocking improve quality, consistency, reliability and help prevent assembly failure of key parts, devices, equipment. Environmentally friendly, solvent free formulas provide protection from deterioration from moisture, gases, corrosive fluids. They are most effective in sealing, guarding against loosening and maintaining strength properties at high/low temperatures. Low viscosity systems have excellent wetting characteristics and can wick into preassembled fasteners. These high performing adhesives have performed most favorably in multiple threaded connections. Testing prior to use is recommended to determine the long term durability of the adhesive. Simulation of actual service conditions is most desirable.