Epoxy Systems for Medical Transducer AssembliesIn today’s technological age, transducers serve an important role in the support of the medical and healthcare industry, allowing for effective analysis and treatment of conditions. The vital importance of this industry has encouraged Master Bond to develop an outstanding line of medical grade adhesives for the critical assembly requirements of transducers. From blood pressure transducers to ultrasound probes, Master Bond epoxies fill the need in remarkable fashion, providing a high quality and enduring adhesive solution.

Some of the major benefits of Master Bond epoxies for medical transducer assembly include:

  • Special formulations fully meet the USP class VI certifications
  • Formulations have been developed which offer high physical strength properties and outstanding chemical resistance even when applied on dissimilar or difficult to bond substrates
  • Selected products retain their desirable performance upon exposure to various sterilization procedures including autoclaving, radiation, ethylene oxide and the recently developed cold sterilants

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