One and two component Master Bond epoxy, silicone systems are ideally suited to meet stringent high power electronic packaging/assembly requirements. These adhesives, encapsulants, thermal interface materials provide heat/chemical stability, mechanical strength, superior electrical properties for reliable, efficient, cost effective, high density designs. Used for battery/power modules, inverters, converters, electric motors, these solvent free compounds have excellent wetting characteristics, bond well to a wide range of substrates and feature long lasting protection against water ingress, corrosion, thermal cycling, impact, vibration. From electric/hybrid transportation vehicles to photovoltaic systems to heating/lighting controls to telecommunication equipment to consumer electronic devices Master Bond products play an essential role in enabling significant progress in energy conservation, alternate energy solutions and sustainability.

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New formulations have been created to keep pace with the ever evolving performance capabilities for power semiconductor devices. Advanced Master Bond materials have made a major contribution to reduced electronic module size, weight, power consumption, cost while withstanding extreme environments/high voltage exposures. Leading the way are novel Master Bond condensation and addition curing silicone systems. Particularly noteworthy are tough, crack resistant, stress dampening encapsulant systems for high temperature serviceability for insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules. These two component compounds have outstanding dielectric properties, stand up to vibration/impact and can be applied automatically in high volume applications.

Master Bond thermally conductive adhesive systems are useful for thermal management of compact modules. These products can be dispensed manually or robotically, and they are available in liquid and paste viscosities. They utilized specialty fillers with extremely small particle size, for achieving very thin bond lines. This helps to minimize the thermal resistance, maximize the heat transfer, and simplify power electronic package configurations. Oven/snap curing silver filled, electrically/thermally conductive die attach adhesives allow rapid processing speeds and effective heat dissipation for lead free, high power packages.