Adhesives systems for home automation devicesSmart home technology can be employed from remote locations through personal devices such as smart phones, desktop, laptop, computers to automated control household devices. They are designed to save time, improve safety, comfort, maximize energy efficiency at a most affordable cost. These products are used for light control systems, household security, door locks, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide detection, media devices, appliance control. Most important, homeowners can control what goes on in their home when they are elsewhere. For instance, regulating energy levels can significantly lower heating and cooling costs. Elderly and disabled people can be also aided by new usage of this technology. The increasing range of applications for home automation devices is constantly growing as the potential for new systems is expanding rapidly.

Master Bond adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting compounds have taken the lead in the assembly of controllers, sensing devices, dimmers, actuators, power supplies, switches, timers, cameras, wireless speakers, user interface devices such as touch panel displays, connectors employed in home automation systems. Our broad range of systems have proven desirable in addressing specific needs and have contributed to easy installation, reliable, dependable performance, longevity, durability, simple, speedy user experience. Available in different viscosities Master Bond can be dispensed manually or automatically for high volume usage. Products possess excellent adhesion between similar/dissimilar substrates, low shrinkage upon cure, contain no solvents, protect against moisture, many liquids, gases. Select grades fill gaps, enhance appearance, provide optical clarity and are noted for their capability of resisting temperature cycling.