From fork lifts to cranes to loaders to car braking systems to shovels to hydraulic presses for forging metals durable ready to use Master Bond adhesives/sealants offer flexible design solutions. Our products are engineered to adhere well to a broad range of substrates such as plastics, metals, eradicate leak paths, lower costs, extend longevity of hydraulic machinery. They have excellent damping properties, resist extreme pressure, high/low temperature exposure, are water repellent and possess superior electrical insulation characteristics. High performance formulations protect against hydraulic oils, outdoor weather, UV rays, dirt, dust. Value added compositions are available in a variety of hardnesses, cure speeds for automatic, semi-automatic and manual dispensing.

Master Bond Product SearchCustom state of the art products have been developed to satisfy application specific requirements. Our staff of engineers will provide the technical support to ensure that the appropriate material will deliver the desired solution. Static and dynamic sealing each present unique challenges. Equipment operating parameters will determine the level of pressure, velocity, wear which will be used to ascertain the cross section/height of the compound to optimize seal stability. Select grades are noted for their compatibility with aggressive fluids including solvents, hydrocarbon based chemicals, acids, alkali and engine oils. Other materials have excellent elasticity, aging/tear resistance, cryogenic serviceability and are recommended for use with high viscosity fluids. Biocompatible grades withstand EtO, gamma radiation and steam sterilization. These products provide safe, consistent, leak free reliability and prevent contamination of hydraulic machine.