Adhesives for Imaging Equipment AssemblyNew, state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment has enabled physicians to investigate and monitor the human body for clinical purposes, and has contributed to cutting edge research in the field. Master Bond manufactures specialty adhesives, sealants and coatings used in current imaging technologies, which include fluoroscopy or x-ray systems, CT scans, ultrasound systems, magnetic resonance imaging machinery, PET scans and other systems. These medical devices utilize a broad scope of advanced techniques that create images and enhance mappings of the human body.

As medical imaging technologies evolve, certain invasive procedures for detection and diagnosis are no longer necessary for physicians to perform. Here at Master Bond we keep pace with the demands of these advancing technologies, serving image manufacturers worldwide with our blend of epoxies. The Master Bond team has worked to expand the scope of our product line to meet the increasing stringent requirements of engineers involved in the design and assembly of these devices. Extensive research and development have led to new formulations including non-metallic electrically conductive adhesives, radiopaque epoxy compositions and high strength structural bonding adhesives. Additionally, compounds are available that exhibit exceptionally low outgassing properties, thermal stability and high optical clarity.