Adhesives systems for industrial aerial liftsThis most valuable equipment gives workers safe access to hard to reach sites. They work well on unstable surfaces, tight areas, can reach tall workspaces, and maneuver over obstacles. Master Bond high quality structural adhesive systems are capable of playing a crucial role in ensuring flawless performance under multiple job conditions at different elevations. Master Bond products have proven most effective in adhering similar/dissimilar substrates including fiberglass reinforced plastics, composites, flexible rubber materials, and metals such as aluminum, steel, carbon steel, as well as titanium. This enables end users to make a major contribution to reduced component weight of truck-mounted aerial lifts and enabled fuel savings, greater payload capacity, ability to work on sensitive indoor flooring, enhanced maneuverability, and innovative designs.

Specific Master Bond grades are tough, durable and engineered to provide long term protection from wear, abrasion, and corrosion. They offer superior resistance to impact, vibration, shock, extreme high/low temperatures, and thermal cycling. A wide variety of vehicle and lift components manufactured by industry leading manufacturers can depend on Master Bond for reliable and consistent deployment. They encompass wiring harnesses, emergency controls, guardrail systems, backup alarms, gauges, ground consoles, sensors, and switches.

Types of Industrial Aerial Lifts:

  • Articulating boom lifts
  • Telescopic lifts
  • Cherry pickers
  • Towable boom lifts
  • Self-driving boom lifts

Boom lifts are versatile and are frequently used in the following applications:

  • Electrical line repair
  • Tree trimming
  • Event staging and lighting
  • Building maintenance
  • Fruit picking on farms
  • Fire services
  • Filming
  • Sign installation, repair, removal
  • Plant maintenance
  • Bridge and overpass inspection
  • Light installation and maintenance
  • Construction

When selecting the most suitable industrial aerial lift for a project many factors need to be considered. Location of a job site, maximum load capacity, height needed, turning radius, maneuverability, power source, environmental conditions, and safety risks will have to be investigated.