Adhesives systems for industrial automation machinery Master Bond structural adhesive compounds are leading the way in the quest to elevate the proficiency of technologically advanced industrial refrigeration systems. Our products have played a prominent role by helping improve energy efficiency, maintaining accurate, consistent temperatures, enhancing reliability, optimizing performance, upgrading safety while having a minimal impact on the environment. Designing and installing refrigeration systems that use environmentally friendly refrigerants is of paramount importance in preventing ozone layer depletion and global warming. Key components including compressors, condensers, valves, evaporators, pumps, controls, sensors, high efficiency motors utilizing Master Bond have been specfiied by manufacturers to address these concerns and perform under varying conditions.

Numerous Master Bond formulations are used in the construction of different types of industrial refrigeration systems such as:

  • mechanical-compression refrigeration systems
  • absorption refrigeration systems
  • evaporative cooling
  • thermoelectric refrigeration

This equipment is employed in high priority applications for the following industries:

  • chemical and petrochemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • meat, poultry, fish processing
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • vaccine storage
  • data centers
  • beverage production
  • transportation of food
  • marine
  • leisure and sports
  • cold food storage
  • electricity production
  • breweries and wineries

Master Bond adhesives offers engineers design flexibility and have proven highly successful in adhering different sizes, shapes, configurations, materials. These compositions possess superior durability, toughness and dependability. Select grades have unmatched resistance to corrosion, vibration, high/low pressure, humidity, hot/cold temperatures, wear. Products are also designed to prevent leakage, increase noise reduction and for extended serviceability. Uninterrupted operation of industrial refrigeration equpment is of vital importance to so many diverse areas of commercial activity. In order to minimize downtime and all the negative ramifications that could result, it is recommended that appropriate controls/regular system maintenance should be followed frequently. It is particularly noteworthy to be aware that Master Bond compounds are formulated to the strictest quality control standards. We frequently customize products to meet unique customer requirements, often for industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturing companies.