Epoxy compounds for cable harness assembliesMaster Bond structural adhesive bonding systems replace traditional mechanical fastening techniques such as welding/riveting to reduce weight, improve performance, efficiency, durability and prolong longevity of industrial robots. They enable cost effective automated programmed robotic solutions for loading/unloading, testing, inspection, assembling, coating, palletizing, packaging/labeling while upgrading output, safety, quality. Our compounds play a crucial role in providing strength retention/structural integrity between similar/dissimilar substrates, fill gaps, protect against moisture/chemical exposure, vibration/impact, wear, heat, dust to ensure consistent operation in demanding factory work environments. These ruggedized systems help plant personnel perform other tasks and avoid labor intensive menial repetitive jobs often in stressful, dangerous conditions.

Master Bond special adhesive formulations are engineered to satisfy different speed, acceleration, endurance, precision requirements for stationary, wheeled, legged robots without downtime. Heat/room temperature curing one and two part systems have excellent adhesion to ceramic, composite, plastic, rubber, metal surfaces including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel alloy steels.Structural adhesives provide even distribution of stress and truly impressive strength properties. Robotic arms are now capable of lifting heavier weights/larger parts with more accuracy. These advanced adhesive systems provide new design opportunities and lower assembly costs. Job proven products have been developed to increase throughput productivity and return on investment for the multifunctional application needs of mining, metal fabrication, construction, healthcare, food/beverage, energy, electronic, entertainment companies.