Adhesives for machine vision equipmentThe fast growing industrial machine vision market has been instrumental in helping manufacturers increase productivity and product quality. Master Bond adhesive products are capable of being used for assembling essential hardware components for different types of 1D, 2D, and 3D machine vision systems. These consist of image sensors, cameras, lenses, lighting, processors, and communication devices. Some key characteristics of such equipment are the ability to inspect, identify, measure, sort, guide, analyze, detect flaws/defects, position products as needed, control processing, read data/text and perform repetitive tasks. Other advantages include lower production expenses, improved inventory control, manufacturing flexibility, less machinery wear and tear/downtime, reduced floor space, diminished scraps, and shortened setup time. This has been most beneficial in providing accurate, reliable, and consistent results. This is done speedily by decreasing human participation in production operations. Machine vision systems also safeguard workers from harsh environments and are used for viewing objects that couldn’t be spotted by humans in high volume applications.

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Master Bond’s engineers are able to work hand in hand with machine vision equipment manufacturers to help provide custom solutions for niche requirements. Select grades withstand heat, dust, vibration, impact, humidity, and chemical exposure found in rugged manufacturing conditions. Specialty formulations are capable of being employed in the electronic, semiconductor, medical device, pharmaceutical, security, telecommunication, and automotive industries. Master Bond is working diligently to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological changes occurring in the industrial machine vision equipment market to help develop novel compounds. This extends from vision guided robots, smart cameras, Short Wave Infra-Red SWIR cameras, thermal imaging, miniaturization to embedded vision and more powerful/precise systems. These adhesives are able to address complex challenging requirements. This has the potential of creating many exciting new opportunities for our clients and for end users.