Epoxy compounds are used for marine electronic assembliesMaster Bond formulates a broad line of epoxy compounds specifically designed to provide protection for electronic devices in marine environments. Rigid, toughened, flexible systems provide reliable, dependable performance upon contact to winds, impact, sunlight, hot/cold temperatures, precipitation, storm activity, salt water immersion, vibration, thermal cycling experienced in marine applications. Select grades also prevent degradation from gasoline, oil, cleaning solvents, detergents, lubricants, smog to effectively seal key electric/electronic systems. These products meet high quality standards and are blended to retain their dielectric properties, mechanical strength, water/humidity resistance after prolonged exposure to extreme conditions. They have a proven track record, avoid costly failures, from a combination of hostile situations.

Master Bond epoxy adhesives, sealants, potting compounds are employed in the assembly of key systems such as GPS/radar devices, communication systems, surveillance/security products, sensors, control/display equipment, fish finders, fuel management/monitoring instruments. These compositions feature advanced technology that contribute to improvements in efficiency, safety, voyage execution/monitoring and chart maintenance. Heavy jarring from rough seas, change in wind direction, fog, falling barometers, squalls, storm warnings, submerged objects, sandbags, coral reefs are dangerous hazards which underscore the need to install the latest, state of the art electronic maritime devices. From passenger vessels to cargo ships to ice breakers to aircraft carriers to tugboats to trawlers to high speed crafts Master Bond has met the requirements to fulfill cost effectively the exact specifications of these most important devices. It is noteworthy that our compounds have enabled marine electronic equipment to be successfully used in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, canals and other bodies of water.