Epoxy compounds are used for military electronic assembliesAdvanced Master Bond products have been developed for the assembly of military defense electronic systems, subsystems, components. These high performance bonding, sealing, coating, potting/encapsulation materials feature the mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical resistant capabilities to operate reliably in marine, airborne and ground-based environments. Products are engineered not to crack/embrittle, craze, peel/delaminate, chalk, blister, shrink, corrode, change color, lose mechanical strength from direct/indirect exposure to climatic stresses. This includes humidity, salt spray, extreme hot/cold temperatures, thermal cycling, sunlight, dust/dirt, sleet/snow, ice wind, fungus, mildew, atmospheric pollutants, contaminants. Additionally ruggedized formulations withstand exposure to vibration, impact, shock and are frequently employed for bonding substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion/contraction.

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Liquid and film/preform adhesives are designed to increase durability, longevity, safety and functionality of military defense electronic equipment. Applications range from unmanned ground/aerial vehicles to printed circuit board assemblies to night vision devices to navigation/control systems to power supplies to sensors. Special grades offer EMI/RFI shielding, heat dissipation for thermal management and acoustic damping characteristics. Vacuum compatible, low outgassing, cryogenically serviceable systems are available for space environemnts. Also noteworth is the use of epoxy matrix materials for fabricating strong, lightweight composite parts. One component fast curing non-corrosivesilicone adhesive, sealants, form-in-place gaskets meet MIL-A-46146 and Mil-A-46146A Type 1 specifications for use from -75°F to +400°F.