Adhesive Formulations for Race CarsCross the finish line first with Master Bond's line of championship adhesives, sealants and coatings. Our custom engineered compounds are ideally suited to meet specific application needs and to give your racing vehicles the competitive edge to be victorious. These products will provide the design flexibility to improve race car durability, safety, lower weight/energy consumption and most importantly assure top performance.

Master Bond high performance epoxy paste/film adhesives, silicone sealants and polyurethane compositions are designed to excel under demanding conditions. These high strength versatile adhesives bond exceptionally well to composite, metallic, engineered plastic surfaces. They offer uniform stress distribution, prevent escape of gases/fluids, maintain their strength properties at elevated temperatures and resist impact, shock, vibration, abrasion. Specific grades fill voids to prevent corrosion, withstand rigorous temperature fluctuations, dissipated heat and meet stringent flame resistant standards. Also low surface energy plastics can be joined together without pretreatment.

From chassis to suspensions to engines to exhausts Master Bond is constantly developing new products to optimize reliability, endurance, quality. Products can be dispensed manually/automatically and feature convenient ambient or elevated temperature cure schedules. Winning cutting edge formulations have enabled race cars to dramatically upgrade acceleration speeds and deliver uniform/consistent driveability and handling.