Epoxy adhesives for the assembly of ophthalmic instrumentsFor medical device engineers specializing in ophthalmic instruments, Master Bond offers adhesives with fast cure times and high performance properties even upon exposure to various sterilization procedures, including repeated autoclaving. We feature a complete line of USP Class VI approved epoxy adhesives that are optically clear, user friendly and can be cured at ambient or elevated temperatures or by exposure to UV light. Additional desirable attributes include thermal stability, excellent gap filling properties and high bond strength properties.

From retinal cameras to ophthalmoscopes to tonometers to autorefractors to slit lamps our adhesives have made a significant contribution in enabling eye physicians/surgeons to examine, diagnose, treat, prevent visual disorders. These solvent free compositions have been engineered to provide durable bonds to similar/dissimilar substrates such as metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, and precise, accurate alignment between different shapes, sizes, configuration parts. They can be dispensed manually or automatically and have proven quite cost effective in challenging applications. Products contain premium quality raw materials, are safe/easy to handle, distribute stress evenly, withstand rigors of repeated use and have outstanding sealant capability. Master Bond's team of experienced research chemists is busy working on novel formulations to meet the ever evolving needs for advanced ophthalmic instruments to help vision care specialists select the most appropriate course of action.