Adhesives for the assembly of optical inspection instrumentsThese adhesively mated optical instruments are essential in magnifying, inspecting, as well as measuring different sized dimensions, configurations, shaped parts to boost quality, and improve reliability. Master Bond compounds have enabled the construction of irregular shaped surfaces in tight tolerances for consistent, and accurate alignment to optimize operational efficiency, as well as speed fabrication. These unique high strength structural adhesive formulations bond well to properly prepared glass, metal, ceramic, composite and most plastic substrates. Unlike mechanical fastening, they are frequently employed for joining dissimilar substrates and do not require heat such as needed for welding/soldering. In fact, they are often used for bonding heat sensitive substrates and designed for light weighting. Select compositions resist flex/vibration, protect internal components from harsh environments such as moisture, solvents, chemicals, have high Tg characteristics, extremely low shrinkage upon cure, meet NASA low outgassing specifications and pass 85°C/85% RH testing.

From optical comparators, laser scanners, vision systems to video cameras, IR illumination systems, microscopes, fiberscopes, rigid/semi-rigid/flexible borescopes, Master Bond products are job proven to meet the many difficult competitive challenges required in optical inspection equipment. Detection of cracks, scratches on product surfaces, exact measurements of dimensions, identification of parts, positioning of robots and verification of parts, precise assembly are some significant capabilities of these instruments. Successful operations of optical inspection systems have been critical in spotting defects at an early stage and saving companies from costly rejects. In many instances, the use of such equipment has been conducive to enhancing productivity resulting in increased profitability.

Analyzer Testing

Particularly noteworthy is the utilization of Master Bond compounds for the assembly and repair of custom videoscopes. Industrial videoscopes can visually inspect areas that are difficult to view and provide first-rate images valuable for non-destructive testing. Key videoscope components consisting of an illumination source, articulate controls, tip optics, CCD or CMOS camera and an LCD display monitor are fastidiously manufactured with unrivaled Master bond bonding agents to exact maintenance and are frequently most effective in locating problems quickly for quality inspectors, electricians, engineers, law enforcement, and locksmiths. Inserted in bores, holes, cavities, pipes these instruments have demonstrated impressive results in detecting hidden contraband, quality of precision parts/castings. Common examples are as follows:

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  • Boiler tubes
  • Pumps
  • Automotive components
  • Aircraft turbines
  • Generators
  • Rotating equipment
  • Gear boxes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Evaporators

Advanced videoscopes now contain high resolution video cameras, sensors, stereo measuring ability and tungsten sheathing. They have been successful in numerous industries including mining/geology, chemical, energy, oil/gas, defense, plastics, glass, metals.