Adhesives for the assembly of optical measuring equipmentIn the optical measuring equipment field, Master Bond adhesives have long been the formulations of choice providing solutions to help test the innovative designs of tomorrow. These adhesives are manufactured for optimal compatibility meeting the highly demanding needs of the optical testing industry. Master Bond products feature maximization of device functionality, excellent non-yellowing properties, NASA low outgassing systems and enhanced optical clarity.

Current applications of Master Bond adhesives for optical measuring equipment include:

  • Spherometers
  • Autocollimators
  • Collimators
  • Telescopes
  • Doublets
  • Mirrors

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Optical measuring equipment are used in the following research areas:

  • Effective focal length
  • Modulation transfer function
  • Back focal length
  • Radius of curvature
  • Chromatic abberations
  • Astigmatism