Adhesive, sealant and coating compounds for oscillatorsMaster Bond adhesives, sealants, coatings, and potting compounds are commonly employed in numerous types of oscillators for multiple applications. Different formulations exhibit unique characteristics that enable their utilization in the assembly of measuring instruments, timers, communication devices, metal detectors, alarms, computers, microphones, home electric appliances, microcontrollers, watches, and automobile controls. Some key considerations in the oscillator selection process ranges from output frequency, frequency stability, supply voltage, operating temperature, circuit components, phase noise/jitter, maximum operating current, output load, and stray capacitors. Additionally, startup time, package size, shape, materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, and design are important factors.

Master Bond products have the capability of being used in the assembly of both harmonic oscillators and relaxation oscillators. These include the following kinds:

  • Crystal oscillators
  • High voltage oscillators
  • Opto-electric oscillators
  • Armstrong oscillators
  • Hartley oscillator
  • Phase-shift oscillator
  • Royer oscillators
  • MEMS oscillators
  • Voltage-controlled oscillators
  • SAW oscillators Dynatron oscillators
  • Tuned circuit oscillators
  • RC oscillators
  • Wien bridge oscillators

Master Bond epoxies, epoxy modified urethanes, and silicone systems are engineered to speed productivity and are available in liquid as well as paste viscosities. Both conductive and nonconductive compositions possess high bond strength properties, thermal stability, as well as low shrinkage. These compounds are designed to resist thermal cycling, humidity, and chemical exposure. Electrically conductive compositions containing different sizes, shapes, and types of fillers including silver, graphite, or nickel have been developed for adhering leads onto quartz crystals in crystal oscillator manufacturing operations. Toughened, flexibilized products are obtainable and well recognized for offering low modulus, low stress, and low outgassing attributes. Processing methods for our products vary from syringe applicators to screen printing to jetting to robotic dispensing. Particularly noteworthy is Master Bond’s premixed and frozen silver filled epoxy die-attach adhesives. These ready to use compounds require no mixing, have remarkable die shear strength, an array of hardnesses, superior dimensional stability and play a critical role in facilitating high volume production.