Epoxy and silicone formulations for piezoelectronic devicesCarefully blended epoxy, silicone formulations for potting/bonding play a crucial role in the assembly of stack actuators, piezo buzzers, piezo sensors, custom transducers. Master Bond research engineers have met difficult customer specifications with innovative solutions for challenging manufacturing requirements. Compounds are competitively priced, can be conveniently dispensed efficiently for large volume production usage, have excellent adhesion to ceramic, steel, magnesium, bronze, brass surfaces and feature superior environmental seals. Durable, rapid setting resins are engineered to withstand high/low temperatures, fluids, pressures, stress. Specific applications range from accelerometers to proximity sensors to flow sensors to ultrasonic power transducers to motion detectors. Miniaturized multilayer, low power, light weight, shock resistant laminated piezoelectric elements/devices have excellent load bearing capability, stress distribution for various geometries. Products have been successfully employed in the automotive, security, medical, defense, oil/gas, consumer products industries.

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Electrical and mechanical design considerations have evolved to meet advanced technology and growing market demand for piezoelectronic devices. To deliver maximum performance Master Bond has placed a special emphasis on developing products offering high glass transition temperatures, that prevent degradation from heat aging and are compatible with humidity, oils. Additionally systems with good wetting characteristics, low coefficient of thermal expansion and nanofilled resins have gained significant importance.