Adhesive, sealant and coating compounds for Many Master Bond potting and encapsulation systems offer long term durable protection from moisture, vibration, mechanical shock, chemicals to maximize performance for different sized/shaped alkaline and lithium batteries. Utilization of these compounds in challenging environments has contributed to the development of systems with unique characteristics for applications ranging from military aircraft, boats, portable tools, hybrid automobiles, cell phones, video cameras to wheel chairs, laptop computers, utility meters, GPS tracking devices, process control devices. Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries for the consumer and industrial marketplace have their own set of operating requirements. Most significant is the capacity, load, aging issues, temperature exposures, power output, discharge rate, operating life to determine the ideal power management system. A comprehensive understanding of these battery parameters is necessary in selecting the most desirable sealing system.

Flame retardancy, heat dissipation, thermal stability, enhanced dielectric strength, low exotherm properties have provided battery manufacturers flexible design options. Different polymeric systems are available in a range of hardnesses and possess divergent physical strength features. They also have varying processing requirements. Vacuum encapsulation is often employed to fill large voids to prevent air entrapment and to ensure a most effective seal against solvents/corrosive agents. Versatile cure schedules, easy handling, automatic dispensing, special packaging have contributed to improving productivity and profitability.

Electrically insulative, thermally conductive addition cured silicone system Master Bond MasterSil 156 is UL94V-0 for flame retardancy. Serviceability is up to 105°C and this low shrinkage potting/encapsulation can cure beyond 1-2 inches if required. It will not outgas when curing and has a moderate viscosity with easy flow, low exotherm, elongation of 120-150%. In contrast, epoxy product EP21FRNS-2 is a non-halogen filled UL94V-0 flame retardant composition with a simple to use one to one mix ratio by weight. This potting compound is serviceable from -50°C to +90°C. Its Shore D hardness is > 75. EP21FRNS-2 has exceptional toughness and strength. Working life after mixing is 90-150 minutes for a 100 gram batch at 75°F.

Additionally, these potting and encapsulants have been successful in guarding battery management systems which play a crucial role in monitoring battery packs for voltage, temperature, current, etc. Preventing under charging or over charging battery management systems can vary depending on their end use i.e. electric vehicles. Complex battery pack designs contain epoxy or silicone potting/encapsulation systems with excellent adhesion flexibility, thermal cycle/shock resistance, low stress and outstanding electrical stability.

Transformative breakthroughs in battery technology is a daunting task. Arduous research is being carried out by companies and universities to maximize energy density, lower cost, size, weight, improve charging times, safety while lasting longer and augmenting sustainability. Master Bond is making progress in blending novel polymeric systems to help achieve these formidable goals. These systems have advanced capabilities and are customized to target specific demanding end use specifications. Years of technical expertise in working on battery designs has empowered Master Bond to provide unique solutions for the consumer electronics, electric/hybrid vehicles, heavy industrial equipment industries. Proliferation in the usage of portable electronic devices accentuates the tremendous need for speedy processing techniques for these formulas.

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