Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for Railroad AssemblyMaster Bond formulates a superior line of adhesives that are:

  • Durable
  • Flexibilized and toughened
  • Resistant to vibration, impact and shock
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Thermally stable
  • Rapid curing

These characteristics make them ideal for the assembly of locomotives, passenger coaches and subway cars. Our systems include epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes, polysulfides, cyanoacrylates and UV-curing.

Typical Applications of Railroad Manufacturers Using Master Bond's Polymer Systems

Master Bond products are employed in structural bonding as well as in electronic applications. They include:

  • Panel assembly
  • Trim components
  • Engine control units
  • Brackets
  • Lighting systems

Our compounds are designed to lower weight, reduce noise, improve safety and resist harsh climatic conditions. They feature exceptional bond strength both to similar and dissimilar substrates. Specific grades offer UL94V-0 flame retardancy, enhanced water resistance, improved aesthetics and user friendly application. Compounds are tailor made both for internal and external usage.

As the transportation industry evolves the use of novel innovative adhesive systems will grow. Expectations for massive growth in freight shipments, high speed intercity passenger rail corridors, replacement of aging equipment, will accelerate the need for digital technology for transportation equipment for manufacturers to maintain a competitive edge. Advanced robotics, mapping technologies, monitoring health/fatigue of drivers, automated freight matching will be necessary to enhance cost efficiency and address future challenges. Additionally improved aerodynamics, fuel technologies, autonomous driving, driving assistance systems, trans-shipment seamless inter-modal freight transport and intelligent transport systems employing seamless user interfaces will be of vital importance. Master Bond is proud of our position in collaborating with leading manufacturers in accomplishing these objectives by taking a leading role in developing polymeric compounds to meet the numerous properties they will encounter in service.