Adhesives, sealants and coatings for the assembly of robotic surgical devicesWhile the technology was first introduced in the 1980s, robotic assisted surgery has recently gained popularity and now over 800 hospitals across the United States and Europe have adopted robotic surgical devices. These machines allow surgeons to manipulate robotic arms by a computer or a telemanipulator—a remote manipulator that allows a surgeon to move the instruments as if he/she was performing the surgery, while the robotic arms are actually carrying out the procedure on a patient.

The main advantage of robotic assisted surgery is that it overcomes the limitations of conventional minimally invasive procedures allowing surgeons to perform advanced operations with smaller incisions and shorter recovery times for patients.

Master Bond adhesives, sealants and coatings are widely used for cutting edge medical equipment for their biocompatibility, USP Class VI certification, and high performance properties, including:

  • High bond strengths to a variety of substrates
  • Flexibility
  • Fast cure schedules
  • Toughness and durability