Adhesives and sealants used for the coating of LoudspeakersFrom voice coils to spiders to cones or membranes, to frames to magnets, Master Bond adhesives, sealants and gasketing products are the preferred choice for speaker assembly applications. Our job proven comprehensive line of epoxy, cyanoacrylate, UV/visible light curing systems are designed to meet specific requirements and feature fast processing times. These compounds exhibit enhanced structural integrity, thermal stability, gap filling capability, low shrinkage and easy, convenient dispensing. Select grades have excellent substrate compatibility to a wide range of plastics, metals such as dichromated and plated metals. Environmentally friendly and containing no solvents or diluents, these systems ensure reliable, trouble free, clear, natural sounding performance of small speakers to large stage loudspeakers.

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Master Bond LED light curing systems play a pivotal role in joining critical heat sensitive components in micro speaker assembly operations. They can be accurately/precisely dispensed automatically on ultra thin small diameter parts to meet exact size, thickness, weight requirements. These rapid polymerizing one part compounds increase throughput/yield in high volume production applications. Formulations are engineered to optimize process stability, reduce waste, rejects and lower costs. They offer high strength bonds, resist vibration, thermal cycling, aging, wear and tear, weather while improving acoustic properties. Durable LED curable adhesives allow mobile communication device engineers to design smart phones, computer tablets/laptops, e-books, video game consoles, GPS systems, etc. that enrich the user experience with quality audio performance at competitive prices.